Shame and Compassion

Feeling good about doing something ‘bad’ doesn’t mean there is no shame around the action itself. Rather pride in ‘getting away with it’ (mostly by lying) is a coping mechanism. The long-term result is accumulated shame and self-loathing, possibly turning into a hateful attitude toward the world.

Part of our social programming that dramatically harms our relationships is the concept of punishment for misbehavior. We give a friend the silent treatment, house arrest to a naughty child or insult a loved one.
The result is that humans don’t stop hurting others unless they’re punished. Acting out of compassion rather than fear of punishment is an exceptional way of determining one’s behavior.
We abuse kind people because they don’t conform to this social code of installing punishment for ‘bad’ behavior. We disrespect them for not being ‘strong’ and judge them as weak.

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