Dating Older Men

As a young woman, time spent with an older man is never wasted.

You’re sure to learn something valuable like what are some really good movies, excellent whiskey, or a secret wilderness area. Being introduced to proper wine and knowing how to distinguish the oak from the earth tones is fun to learn early in life rather than at 42, when everybody else does. You get to skip the awkward phase of discovery others face. The downside is that you’ll be spoiled for the rest of your life and your peers will think you’re a snob.

You’re likely never going to feel more desirable and appreciated. He won’t have the nervous sexual energy or irrational anger of a young man, but he’s calm and gentle and warm. You may get the intense satisfaction of refreshing a life – if only temporarily – and usually a unique friendship remains. A lingering sensual tie, full of intimate acknowledgment.

He may be a complete chauvinist (this is typical) and feel he should tell you all about the world and not take your input seriously. He could belittle you in front of his friends or boast of your youth as if that’s your only value. But even then, you’re sure to catch some of life’s valuable insights, a good story that will impress you, or an unforgettable connection.

I’ve been with older men all my life and have been through the above and more. Both the splendid and the sour made me experience the more intense learning curve of life – the one I’ll always choose.

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