The Only Girl on the Football Team

Overnight I was in college. I decided to join the (American) football team which consisted of just men. In my dreams right? Right.

I was having a blast. In real life I played rugby as a teen so this dream was vivid. Dreaming again. I enjoyed crashing into everyone. Even before the game had started I ran into one guy with all my force. “What the fuck are you doing?” I smiled. “Just want you to know you needn’t play soft with me! Besides, I just broke the barrier to make contact.”

With the sport came the culture of hanging out, drinking beers. Soon I got to drinking at least two before any game, to deal with the physical pain. Perhaps I was overreaching (wouldn’t be the first time). I began considering stepping out of the team.

Then one evening someone told me about this cute college pub which looked like an old English library (like in Downton Abbey). It was a great place to have a beer and the other day he saw George Washington there!

And that’s that.


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