Anti-Abortionists in Sandpoint

Found this nutcase in the parking lot today:


There were four of them with signs and a microphone and speakers in front of our supermarket. I don’t know where they came from. We’ve all seen them on TV, but it’s different to actually run into anti-abortionist (or ‘pro-life activists’ as they lovingly like to call themselves) in your own neighbourhood. I felt upset and unsettled.

I thought about walking up to argue, but decided against it because in America there is no room for argument. You’re for or against, good or bad, black or white. Politics, religion, gun law, abortion, warfare… they’re all subjects you do not want to argue about. You’re better off just acknowledging the difference in opinion and consequently shutting up. People I know have lost friendships and family this way. Let’s not go there.

So even though I feel strongly about making my case in favor of the right of a woman to decide if she’ll have a child or not, I knew he would not listen. So then why is he preaching aloud in public, aggravating debate? It’s one-way communication; Listen to what I have to say and don’t challenge me. To make sure you won’t, I’ll talk very loudly and usually move in packs. Sporting an impressive beard help, too.



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