Meeting the President in a Polo Shirt

I’ve been noticing a tendency in the American people to dress… ehm… rather casually.


Real estate agents get to wear polo’s to work and common office personnel are no longer required to sport a tie. Some extremely freethinking companies will allow jeans on the work floor.


In Europe we tend to keep up our traditions of dolling up when we go out, and looking neat to impress the boss. Sunday’s in church and the remainder of the day are largely reserved for lovely attire, suitable only for sitting around and drinking tea.


In the U.S. at the opera and in restaurants I have noticed that throughout the country, there appears to be no dress code at all and as a result I consistently show up over-dressed at dinner parties, when everyone else is wearing in shorts and a T-shirt.


We should be considerate though, and honestly one could almost expect the richest country in the world less inclined to get done up every day. They are simply too comfortable to bother with Smock, Frock and Accoutrement. I sadly believe that -like most American habits, devised to suit convenience- I may too easily get accustomed to this habit as well.


But this guy in the newspaper yesterday, takes it to the next level:

Suits are Uncomfortable Anyway

‘Suits are Overrated’



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