A Moose Is Loose

So here I am, walking into town with a book under my arm on a Tuesday afternoon when suddenly: MOOSE!


My first encounter with this intriguing animal that looks like it was put together from leftover animal parts (some horse, deer and giraffe) is literally a block away from our doorstep. A mama with her two young are raiding a neighbour’s apple tree while he stands on his porch complaining how they plunder his garden every year.

“They come here and just hang out.” He says in an almost annoyed tone.

Two Baby Moose

Two Baby Moose


Seconds after I stopped a pickup pulls up with its windows down. An old man gravely instructs me not too get too close.

“They can get really nasty.”


The mother now crosses the street and finds something interesting to nibble on in a planter pot on someone’s veranda. The owner sticks her head out the window yelling “Get OUT of here!” while excitedly waiving her arms to deter the animal from devouring all of her carefully arranged flowers.

Now I’m definitely not crossing because if I would, I’d place myself between the mom and her cubs and I’ve been listening to horror stories of people being trampled resulting in grave injuries or even death.

Don’t fuck with the moose.


I track the threesome for fifteen minutes or so, while every car stops and checks in with me (only person on foot today) if I know of the dangers and to make sure I see the mom when this close.

I walk over a block and give them space to randomly forage people’s backyards while I go to have coffee, sitting at a table inside.

Very civilized.

'Hey, I Know You've Got My Favorite Plants in There!'

‘Hey, I Know You’ve Got My Favorite Plants in There!’


Mama Moose

Mama Moose


On my way back (it’s dark by now) I see one of the young at the last minute and freeze. I don’t see the mother so I’m a little concerned. Naively I look at the piles of snow and consider if throwing ice balls would make a strong moose defence?

Fortunately someone just walked onto his driveway and noticed the bearded giant too, so I figured I’d ask him for strategies to avoid having my teeth kicked out by an irate 2-metre tall mammal.

“Huh, I’m not sure. But I can drive you over to your house. That’s your safest bet.”

Oh I don’t mind that at all, young handsome bearded tough-looking man named Matt. It’s only two blocks. Thanks, I’ll see you around.



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