Why America?

After several years of wandering aimlessly through Central- and South America, the last piece of the puzzle could not be left unvisited; The Great United States of America! . If you’re detecting some sarcasm, you are right.


Our plan is to make a road-trip north through California, Oregon, Washington State and then east to Montana through Idaho to see David’s father for his 80th birthday in Bozeman, MT. After that we go back to L.A. through Idaho again and Oregon. . Let’s see what this country has to offer and if I can acknowledge or kill all preconceptions we Europeans have of the third largest country on earth.


UPDATE: August 17th 2014-
So far we have come 3,500 miles (5.600 km) to Bozeman, which was our turn-around point.

UPDATE: September 10th 2014-
The loop has been completed at a total of 6,428 miles (10,345 km). Boy we have seen a lot!

Completed Route

Completed Route

UPDATE: July 5th 2015-
We have landed in Sandpoint, working and living happily amongst other nature lovers and friends.

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  1. Haha op naar t volgende avontuur 😉
    Succes en veel plezier


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