Short Dreams: Fishing for Pigs

There was a new wilderness area, just sprung into existence by the side of the road, seemingly out of nowhere. I stood in the shoulder, contemplating a plan to go in and explore when my friends Jim and Sandii pulled up. Pulling self-made fishing rods out of the trunk (the kind you had as kids, made from sticks), they purposefully strode past me into the forest.
“Can I come with?” I asked.

We crossed a wooden bridge over a creek and they settled in under a tree. Sandii had brought special bait.
“What are you angling for?” I inquired.
“Pigs,” she answered matter-of-factly.
Not one to make assumptions, I sat back and watched. Soon enough they began pulling out tiny, bright-pink piglets, about the size of a fist and with tadpole tails, giving a tiny “Wheeee”.

They were so happy I didn’t want to ask what they would do with the catch, knowing they’re both vegetarians.

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