Can I Keep The Job?

After two years of landscape exploration on the South-American continent, I knew that I needed to get a job. Upon landing in the U.S. I quickly realized the career flow and job regulations are quite different from the ones I was accustomed to. Then I began having these recurring dreams…

At first they were very discouraging; I’d get a new job, work very hard at it, but wouldn’t fit into the team. I’ve always worked in very strict environments and my dreams would reflect the colleagues, boss and location of my most challenging work experience.
Suddenly I’d end up getting fired for something random that I was held accountable for. I’d argue I could do better but to no avail. It felt so very unfair and I’d wake up feeling defeated.


Months later these dreams underwent a change, as if I’d reached another level of confidence. I’d still be newly hired, and something under my responsibilities would go wrong even though I wasn’t directly to blame and I’d worked very hard to prove myself. Again, I’d be asked into the boss’s office to be shown the door. I’d argue as I did in all these dreams and suddenly I was offered a second chance. I’d work extra hard but lose track of something and lose the job after all.

Then, almost a year after these recurring dreams had started, I’d manage to talk my way into staying and remain on board, gaining the respect of my fellow workers. By this time I’d just started at my first job in America and was nervous as could be. I’m sure the dreams didn’t help. But as I felt more appreciated and grew confident at my real job, the dreams turned into positive ones, and soon vanished altogether.

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