Shattered Teeth

For one stretch I’d dream my teeth would be coming loose, fall out or shatter in my mouth. I would then spit them into my hand and freak out (naturally). It’s quite gruesome and after one, they would practically all come out. I’d be more honest calling it a nightmare rather than a dream.

The intensity of the sensation of teeth coming loose was always so real, that I often woke up in a terrible mood which could linger for days. I’d be checking my teeth during meals to see if they were in tight enough. Apparently, this is a fairly common nightmare. Some of you may know that these dreams represent a fear of growing older, insecurity about your relationship or an anxiety about your sexual experience. (Thanks Freud.) It won’t seem to make much sense to have these as a healthy 2-year old woman, but I did. For two years these dreams were frequent and haunting.

Fortunately, I was able to take control of a nasty influence at the time. Something had dramatically installed the fear in me that I was never to be as attractive as I was before, ever again. That I would always be a ‘second choice’ for any man. When I distinguished its influence, I banished it from my life.

The dreams became less frequent and within a year stopped altogether.

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