Anxiety Dreams

Over the past weeks my dreams have been of fairly short duration–which is nice–except for the one time I dreamed up a complete James Bond film, including Daniel Craig with no shirt on (whoohoo!) and a female bad guy lead (it’s about time).

Mostly I dream of daily circumstances that go dramatically and irrevocably wrong. For example: I’ll be riding my new bicycle and will notice a flat tire. But not only one is flat, they both are!
Some nights I dream of sitting for a test I never studied for and I’m more bothered with my teacher being disappointed in me than I am with my grades.
Or I dream of simply going to the office and finding I have completely forgotten to put half my clothes on (classic).

I know all of the above are generally analyzed as indications of high levels of anxiety and fear of failure. I can’t claim that’s not me. I’m just learning to live with it.


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  1. You seem like the most balanced person I have ever met!!

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