Moving Trains

I dreamed I was with some people on a bridge over a busy railway. I found a mirror and noticed my hair was suddenly turning quite grey. It showed more in the light. My aging friends danced and celebrated for me. It’s a wonderful thing to be growing older, they conveyed.

Then some people got hold of me, tied me down and with a scalpel cut open the front of my legs from my feet to above the knee. I can feel the vibrations of the resilience of the skin and the odd movement of my flesh. They then practiced their best stitching technique on my left, but jumped on a passing train before they were finished. They needed to get out of here.

I was now looking for someone who knew the doctor who made the best stitches so that there would be the least scarring. Thus I limped around unnoticed and found a good doctor.

Waking up, I touched my legs, looked in the mirror and feel appreciative of the dark hair and fair, unscarred skin I have today.
Does a dream as frightening serve a purpose?

Categories: Dreams

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